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Are you sure your talented web designer can write great copy? Would you bet money that your design agency has expert writers and proofreaders on staff? Are you willing to gamble your company’s reputation on your product managers’ and engineers’ ability to write clean, clear, compelling marketing and training materials?

Think again. They may each be superbly qualified at what you hire them to do – but few are trained to deliver the level of savvy writing today’s competitive marketplace demands. Face it – dull, uninspired, repetitive, convoluted or sloppy writing can derail your credibility and interrupt sales momentum in a heartbeat if noticed by even one discerning customer, prospect, shareholder or industry analyst. Can you take that chance?

Professional writing and editing are specialized skills that require experience, attention to detail, language skills, commitment to excellence, and patience. Bonnie has it all – plus a deep passion for communications excellence. CLICK to email Bonnie for a project estimate.

Your audience will be appreciative. Your competition will be envious.

meet bonnie: savvy writer and sharp editor




  1. If a decision maker in your audience is offended by your writing blunders, oops!


  1. If your audience equates stupid mistakes with lack of attention to detail, oops!


  1. If poorly written materials are perceived as representative of your overall quality, oops!



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  2. video development


Ever tried to turn non-writers on your staff into marketing writers? That’s like inviting a dinosaur to dinner: Expect a mess!